Old Habits ...Die Hard

Humans have had such a long History 

of dependency on  Equines Worldwide 

that It can be Really Difficult for some people 

to see these Magnificent Animals 

as something beyond Servants to do our bidding. 

All the Running, Jumping, Pulling, Dancing. Breeding 

just does't secure the future 

for these giving beings  

after they break down, 

their human goes off to a "higher education" 

or some new form of entertainment 

has caught the attention 

of those they had worked so hard 

to Understand & Please.

DrFarm would like to see that change.

Perhaps if folks were reminded 

that we are eternal  Spiritual Energy 

having a temporary Earthly experience 

then animals like Horses 

could be seen as far more 

than a just a disposable Stylin' Free ride. 

For they are fascinating creatures 

Possessing an enormous amount of  Peaceful energy 

that has the Potential to heal our own Souls. 

If we are to make progress 

these animals will need 

our Unified Attention & Healing Energy 

to Elevate them from the Negative Energy 

Humanity Continues to expect this species to Carry.  

DrFarm is Gathering 

Earth Angels & Peaceful Warriors 

Together to Learn & Grow & Develope 

the Spiritual Skills necessary 

to Move the Mountains 

that hinder the growth of our 

Relationship with this Under-Valued Species 

that has done so much for Humanity. 

Please do not hesitate to Let Us know 

if You feel drawn towards joining our 

Peaceful Spiritual Progress Project



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